Lesson Of Life

Life is like a chocolate, life is a journey, life is a wonderful things, etc. Don’t be surprise if there is a lot of expression about life, that is because so many things happen on it. Not only about happiness, there is sorrow too. Well, welcome to the real world. Here is several things in life that can give you a lessons on how to live wisely by facing problems and hard choices, be responsible, dealing with peoples, and by learning from mistakes.

The first thing that I’ll try to explain here is about how we dealing with all of the problems that passing in our life. But why do we need to have problems or experience troubles in our life? It is because every single problem that we had potentially can change our life. Even the smallest one, problems will be there as a mirror for us to introspecting ourselves. Introspection will open your mind and trained you to see something from other sight of view, not only from our own sight of view.

The next thing is about choices. Life is matter of choice. Is it about how we dealing with choices especially hard choices which will effect our life especially in the future. Facing it by making a decision on the choices that we had will make us more careful and more calculate in living our life. Doesn’t mean that being spontaneous is not good, but sometimes choices that we had is too hard to bear, and to avoid regret, we have to think more than twice to take the best decision for our life. But the point in facing a choice is not about right or wrong the decision you take, but it is about what you can learn from that decision that you took. Facing choices is also good to trained you to control your fear and making a decision can help you make great changes in your life. Jim Rohn one said “Happiness is not by chance, but by choice.”

Third thing I’m going to explain now is about responsibility. Just like talking about problems and troubles in your life, not forgetting about choices that we had, responsible is also one part in our life that we cannot avoid. Even hard, we need a responsibility to make us more mature. With responsibility, we learn to be more independent and not depend your life to another person. There would be times when you realize that in this world, you can only count on yourself. Responsibility also trained our good personalities. We also trained to be more strict, dicipline and having a good self control.

The next thing were going to talk is about dealing with various people. As a social human, it is impossible if we didn’t interact with various character people around us. From normal people, to people that looks “freak” until people that to psychopath to recognize. World is truly full with unpredictable attitude of people, and sometimes we must dealing with people that really unpleasant. Dealing with that kind of people really challenges your patient. But remember, you didn’t need to take responsibility of other people happiness. It is true that you need to respect someone else, but you must act assertive too. “Do right, do your best. Treat other as you want to be treated.”

The last thing but not least, were going to talk about mistakes that we’ve done in our life. People learn, people change. Why? It is because every mistake that we make in our life was a learning process. There is nothing in this life that can we take as a lesson, especially mistakes that we made, and those lessons will be repeated all the time until we really understand the lessons. Sometimes those mistakes followed with regrets that bringing us down, it is normal, as long as you didn’t dwell to long. So don’t afraid to make a decision and get failed, because every mistake that we make contains a great lesson and an expensive life experience. John Powell once said “The only real mistakes is the one from which we learn nothing.”

In conclusion, every part of our life actually was really a great lessons and an expensive life experience, as long as you know how to deal with it and know how to get the deep insight in every experience in your life. From now on, after you know how to get notice about how to get lesson in life from our life experience, I hope, as a writer, you can get the true happiness in your life.


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