Love pt. II, The opinion.

“Love is a contradiction. Love is a paradox. It is both tangible and intangible. It is full of life. Love is life.”

Love is in the sky.Love is a state of conscious condition where you are voluntary willing to share everything you have got, and need only one thing to be shared, and work as your own individual achievement, their happiness. It is the highest passion state of condition, where we happily willing to serve happiness to someone else that significant in your life, just because we wanted to.

Love mostly misinterpreted as a goal, but it isn’t, it doesn’t demanding. It is a concept of a state of condition, which means, there should be no expectation, or hope that you have, of that significant other, left as a requirement in ourselves.

It is a state, where usually people feels like there is a chemical reaction happen suddenly in their stomach, every time that significant other are near you. Like a real chemical reaction, you need to have 2 kind of chemical, in this case, two persons, you and the person you care about, with both traits, temperaments, characteristics, and personalities almost-exactly compared and measured. Those comparisons, and those measurements, work only as guidance, not as requirements, so you won’t fall easily. It is all simply because, love is free, requires nothing to be made, once again, it is not a goal. Love absolutely cannot be use as a reason to owning someone else, it is because, happiness, as both gegenstand and by-product of love, requires freedom, as it basic needs.

Love is a learning process, where inside it, we learn to accept that significant other, the way they are. We learn to tolerate them, so in the end, we can learn how to forgive their mistakes, because of their understandable reason. Both of you grow with love, so does love, in a relationship. You learn from love, and love, is the one that you gave meaning with your significant other, and from that meaning, then you can build happiness together. But learning is not always happy process, sometimes it hurts. For that reason, it is true that love is painful, but somehow, it is a suffer-free state of condition. How come? Well, it is possible, that you hate someone, and love him, or her in the same time. You hate him, or her, simply because he or she, literally makes you feel vulnerable, makes you feel dependent somehow, but in the way that didn’t make you lose yourself. But for all those reason, you thanked that person. Instead of running away, you become more bounded with that person, you cherish on every moment, every time that person makes you feel those feelings. And for all those reason, you are fall in love. Usually, this kind of thought is likely to be unthinkable, it is kind a hard to realize it, blinded by the ambiance of happiness from that loving moment you have with that person you love. But sometimes, there is several persons who can realize it, and for those who success to realize it, usually find themselves in a condition where, sadly, everything is just come too late. But it is happens always for a reason, somehow, someway, we didn’t always now it, but for sure, don’t regret it. It is our chance to learn, so we won’t fall easily next time. See how magnificent love is? Even when it disappoints you, somehow, someway, it still makes you stronger.

Some says love is destined. How come it could be destined? What is destiny anyway? Destiny is defined as a story that already written, about what going to be happens in our life. It is not said, who choose which story to happen. It is ourselves who choose what kind of life we want to have, what kind of destiny we will to accept. It is changeable, as long as you live your life with full awareness on every second of it. It is cannot be guess, and undeniable. Sometimes, you can meet your destiny, in a road you choose to avoid it. All you need to do is to accept it, and from that point, create. Back to our main topic, love, we can take a conclusion now that, it is not quiet proper to say that, love is destined. For me, destiny is the bridge between you, and the one you love. It is not God who built the bridge, but He gave us the ability to build it. It is our duty to accomplish it, to build that bridge, that destiny, your destiny. It is also to make the person you care, willing to take a risk to help you finish, and finally cross that bridge, so both of you can enjoy the same destiny. Yes, we are the one who have to build the destiny that we choose, to change mine, into ours, love.

From this point of view, thou shall find out, about the imperfectness condition, how pradox, how confusing love can be. Then the question is, is it beautiful? Is it worthed to fight for? Then I’ll answer, “Yes, it is worthed!”. To see the happiness of someone that you love is the highest pleasure you’ll ever get in your lifespan. And to have know that, he or she loves you back, is the most revealing, most happiest feelings, emotion, condition, compare with any other state of condition during our immortal life. For these reason, I can assure you, for couple who is already find out that for them, love is more than enough, their happiness is beyond the materiil world. It is turn into a quest, a journey, to meet a spiritual imateriil kind of happiness, but still in a realistic measured indicators, but only them who have, who understand the indicators. For the journey itselves, it is more than beautiful they’ve said, “It is heaven”.
Here we can draw a simple conclusion, that it is like the life itselves,the beauty of love is laid in its process, journey, in every fight we made, and in every way we choose to feel it, to embrace it. Is it magnificent, how love, like life itselves, evolve? Even when the subject you love is gone, love itselves can’t be that easy to dissappear. Turn out, it evolve into different context, from condition into a strange attractor, called memory. Beautiful isn’t? Well, this is my opinion about love. How about yours?


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